Wake Up America was born after years of government fraud and abuse as well as the ability for money to take control our legislative bodies in allowing it to influence the laws Congress enacts.


Our government is not working for us but taking from us on a daily basis and asking us the people to shoulder the tax burden so a very few rich Americans are able to achieve even greater wealth.


Wake Up America’s objective is to set forth information of what is truthfully transpiring in our government plus to educate the populous as to what their alternatives are for changing our government.


What bills are being presented in Congress, how you can interact with your legislators to have you voice heard. Have help in registering to vote. Ways to fact check what our politicians say so we will know who is telling the truth and who is not being truthful. We need to include as many people in our cause as possible. Please pass this plea on to everybody you know. The more people we have the louder our voice becomes.


America went to the polls to vote on November the 8th. Our choices were very disappointing. Out of 300 plus million people in the United States we ended up with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They are not anywhere close to the cream of the crop but just the opposite nearer to bottom of the barrel. America’s population needs to take control of their future. Wake Up America will help show Americans the way.


Our candidates have shown America how broken our political system is and that our government doesn’t work for us the people but works for the very few people who control the money. We must take the money out of our politics.


Just look at our candidates and how they have conducted their lives. People lie behavior doesn’t. Are you proud of the image that our political parties sent to their populous and the rest of the world this election cycle?


Even though Donald J Trump was elected Wake Up America believes that all is not lost. There are many more minorities, people in poverty, middleclass people who are losing their jobs and a chance to advance in our society than there are wealthy people and close minded politicians.


Wake Up America wishes Mr. Trump the best and sincerely hopes that he will be able to resolve our problems but something in my gut tells me that it will get worse before it gets better.


What we do not have is unity. We are divided into too many factions. We need to band together to form a coalition so we can be heard and have a choice on who governs and who makes decisions for the majority of the people not just a few wealthy citizens or power grubbing politicians, who believe that their way is the only correct and righteous way and who exclude a lot of minorities and other people who do not believe as they do from their America. America is for all of its citizens not just the ones who we allowed to have the power to govern.


I wonder what will happen to Roe v Wade, Plan Parenthood, what 20 million now 40 million people are going to do for health insurance when they repeal Obamacare and Dodd Frank.


All the work that President Obama and Elizabeth Warren and others have accomplished with the Bureau of Consumer Protection will be lost, there will be no more protection from abusers like Wells Fargo and Wall Street.


Climate change, we now have a President, House of Representatives and the Senate that do not believe that climate change is real but a hoax and that we do not have to take any action to resolve a problem that does not exist. Good Luck with that position.


Equal pay and minimum wage are in jeopardy, military spending will mushroom, sensible gun regulations and all regulations are in this administration’s sights to be gutted. You see what has happened over the years with regulations in the big money sector, big oil, the financial meltdown. What do you think the results will be when regulations are gone or have no teeth.


What will our foreign policies be? Who will be our country’s voice in this administration’s foreign policy.


President Elect Trump has stated for some time now that on day one he will void the Iran Nuclear Agreement, what repercussions will arise from that policy if he implements his promise.


Who is going to pay for the 20 some trillions of debt that we have incurred over the years.


Under President Trump’s tax policy which is the George Bush’s tax cuts on steroids and we all know how that ended. In short the burden will be place on small businesses and the middle class. Which will continue to shrink the middle class and put more people in poverty.


Wake Up America is in its infancy so please be patient until we get our training wheels removed.


In the meantime we need your help. I will state that again we need your help. We will not make headway or survive without your support. If you want to do something for your country and its citizens please join Wake Up America in making America a great place to live again.


Please send what you can. You can go to our Donation page, send cash, Money orders or checks. All donations are greatly appreciated no matter the size and we will use whatever funds we receive to promote our cause.


Wake Up America will send at least one newsletter every week to inform you of what is transpiring in our government, what we need to accomplish positions and ways to move our cause forward. All subscribers will receive the newsletter as long as we are able to survive whether or not you donate to the cause. We need to expand our base. There are strength in numbers



Wake Up America