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I am sorry for not being able to to update the website on a daily basis but I have been hospitalized since November 2016.
We will post and upgrade the website daily from here.
We need help financially, manpower and content.
If you care to donate money, content or time please feel free to do so.
You can donate or contact us through the website.
We try to be non partisan but will definitely support the ideas set forth on the website.
The following is a list of ideas and principles that we subscribe to.
1. Get the truth out to public.
2. Health Care cannot be for profit and single payer is the only logical solution.
3. We need to educate our population and that means everybody to include college and give relief for all current student loans.
4. We need to balance the budget.
5. We need to make our government run efficiently and reduce the waste and fraud.
6. We need term limits.
7. We need a woman’s right to control their own health care and to be paid equally.
8. We need to changed from fossil fuel to green energy and preserve our air and water.
9. We need criminal justice reform.
10. We need to reduce our debt.
11. We need to reform Medicare & Social Security.
12. We need to get our population back to work at a living wage.
13. We need to do something with our immigration policies, they are currently broken.
14. We need to get our population involved in our political system.
15. We need to do something about Gerrymandering, it is unfair and needs to be constant always.
16. We need to get the money out of politics.
17. We need sensible gun regulation and that does not mean taking our guns away but rather to have oversight over who is able to possess a weapon and what type of weapons we are able to possess.
18. We new Wall Street reform.
19. We need to make sure that everybody that is eligible to vote is allowed to do so and has the opportunity to do so.
20. We need to reform our tax code.
21. We need to rebuild our infrastructure.
This is just a start and they are not necessarily listed in order of urgency.
Please look around the site and all feedback is welcomed.
As I stated before we are in need of help both financially and manpower.

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